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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Cholo goth duo Prayers?

But San Diego-based, self-described Cholo goth duo Prayers isn't emo Morrissey stuff. Opening for The Cult in San Francisco, San Diego and Las Vegas, Prayers pulls from darkest dance elements with touches of the Pet Shop Boys and Bowie thrown in to lift the mix.

What's the best goth music for a dystopian youth?

Cholo goth. Makes total sense. The cultural iconography dovetails seamlessly -- skulls, lace, candles, saints and crucifixes. The music draws on heartbreak, alienation, angst, making it perfect for dystopian youth of all races.

Did Prayers release a video for Coachella 2016?

In anticipation of their 2016 Coachella show, Prayers released the single "Black Leather" featuring Kat von D. The video was shot in both Los Angeles and San Diego, with Sherman gang members and Prayers' friends from the Southland goth scene, as well as Kat von D.

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