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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good poem for a military veteran's funeral?

If you're looking for a poem for a military veteran's funeral, thank you for your sacrifice. Whether your loved one died during active duty or not, we appreciate that they stepped up to serve. Make sure that your military veteran receives the honors and benefits that they are entitled to when planning the funeral.

What does the poem I am a veteran mean?

The words in the poem are symbolic of the experiences of all veterans who have their own story to tell. Since the writing of I Am a Veteran, Andrea has recited it thousands of times to veterans all across the country. She continues to be inspired by these men and women and loves hearing their stories.

Can you share a poem to honor a veteran?

Feel free to share these original poems with friends, family and any service person you wish to honor. If one of these poems honoring soldiers and veterans resonates with you, just think how much one might help these brave male and female soldiers know their service hasn't gone unnoticed. And the strong and the brave reply.

How do you honor a veteran on Veterans Day?

Veterans Day Poems. These Veterans Day poems honor our former military members in a deeply touching Veteran's Day tribute. Veteran's Day poetry should be a part of any event designed to appreciate our veterans. Take A Moment To Thank A Veteran. When you see someone in a uniform, Someone who serves us all, Doing military duty,

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