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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Excel dashboard templates?

These dashboards present daily metrics to enable you to get a quick view of your company’s day-to-day performance. Excel dashboard templates are a type of information management tool that you can use to visually monitor, analyze then display:

What are some tips for making a good Excel dashboard?

Here are the first steps to creating your own dashboards: You should first brainstorm the type of data to include in your dashboard before investing the effort and time to create one. Create a strategy with the main purpose you want your dashboard to serve. Then you can create strategies for achieving this main purpose.

What are the best free KPI dashboard templates?

3. The first free KPI Dashboard template is from Smartsheet. This template allows you to view multiple KPIs, view targets and averages for selected KPIs, and see these in different formats. 4. Trump Excel also offers a KPI Dashboard template at no cost.

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