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Frequently Asked Questions

Does NYU have PhD programs?

Today NYU’s doctoral programs span the humanities, sciences, and social sciences, and students pursue cutting-edge research with the close supervision of NYU’s internationally recognized research faculty. New York City resources complement and enhance our vibrant intellectual communities.

What can you do with a doctoral degree in education?

With the guidance of your faculty mentor, you will research and prepare a doctoral dissertation. Upon completion of your doctorate, you’ll be prepared for a career as a university researcher, Teacher educator in post-secondary school systems, and English education specialist in governmental and nonprofit educational organizations.

What can you do with a doctorate in Educational Communication?

... Educational Communication and Technology More... This rigorous research-oriented doctorate prepares you for academic and leadership positions in research, technology, and learning in all contexts.

How do online PhD programs work?

Generally, online programs will make course readings, syllabi, assignments and lectures available through an online platform. Online doctoral programs may also use chatrooms, discussion boards and email to encourage communication with professors and classmates. Fully online PhD programs are not always available.

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