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Frequently Asked Questions

What is panel bond?

Panel Bond™ is permanent, hypoallergenic, and dries within minutes of application. It may be painted, trimmed, sanded or plastered when cured. It is very durable and will not decompose with age.

Should a subpanel be grounded?

Subpanel ground The sub panel must absolutely have ground back to the main panel, and it must be appropriately sized for the current rating of the panel (as in, it's the same as or larger size than the hot/neutral wiring). This is regardless of being in the same structure or not.

What is the best adhesive for fiberglass?

Epoxy will glue almost any materials together and is the adhesive of choice when gluing fiberglass to wood. Epoxy has the advantage of spreading across the two surfaces and filling in gaps that are visible between the fiberglass and wood. Always mix the epoxy resin and hardener in the correct proportions.

What type of bonding?

Single covalent bonding. Most common type of chemical bonding is single covalent bonding, where one pair of valence electrons is shared by the two atoms. Valence electrons are those that are in the outer orbit or shell of an atom. A good example of single covalent bonding is the Hydrogen molecule (H2).

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