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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Orlando Pirates?

Orlando Pirates is owned by Dr Irvin Khoza, who is a South African football administrator and businessman. Orlando Pirates was founded in 1937 and was initially based in Orlando in Soweto. Buccaneers boast as the first club since the inception of the Premier Soccer League in 1996 to have won three major trophies in a single season back to back.

Who is Orlando Pirates coach?

Who Is The New Pirates Coach? In the wake of Orlando Pirates announcing Josef Zinnbauer as the club’s new coach, the Siya crew takes a look into the new man in charge of the Soweto giants’ bench.

Are there Pirates in Florida?

The fictional pirate stories you heard while growing up are based on real pirates, and Florida has its share! Florida has a long history of pirates who attacked St. Augustine or operated off its coast. Learn about the real history of the Caribbean pirates and how they became part of Florida's history.

Who does Orlando Bloom play in Pirates of the Caribbean?

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Star Just Paddle Boarded With Sharks! In his years of playing Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Orlando Bloom has faced his fair share of on-screen danger. From undead pirates to being held prisoner on the Flying Dutchman, and having his heart cut out, Will Turner has faced it all and then some.

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