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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get pet NPCs in terraria?

Terraria's latest 'Journey's End' updates added several new NPCs, including pet NPCs. Here's how to get them all. How to get them: Talk to them in the Underground Desert. Requires a vacant house. What they do: Sell golfing-related items. How to get them: Player's Bestiary must be 10% complete. Requires a vacant house.

Where can I find Shimmer in terraria?

A new liquid called "Shimmer" was added into Terraria and can be found in the underground of Aether Cave biomes that are located within the Jungle of your world. This liquid can be used to change items and even your town NPCS. However, this liquid cannot be picked up with a bucket, and can only be placed with a Bottomless Shimmer Bucket

How many town pets are there in terraria?

There are currently 3 town pets available in Terraria that all come in a variety of different colors. Currently, apart from pylon requirements, there is no real usage for town pets besides cosmetics. This includes being able to "pet" them which again only displays a cosmetic petting animation.

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