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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the lowest power reading glasses available?

The Lowest Power Reading Glasses You Can Get. In most cases, +0.25 reading glasses, +0.50 reading glasses and +0.75 reading glasses are all considered low power reading glasses. The problem is that you can't get anything below a magnification of +1.00 in drugstores or malls, and those are usually hard to find. Jun 12 2019

What are the different strengths of reading glasses?

Reading glasses are rarely manufactured for strengths greater than 4, and typically range from strengths of 1-3. While reading glasses generally don't need to be as accurate as normal prescription glasses, finding the right size for you is important, as wearing the wrong size can cause headaches, dizziness, or nausea.

How do you choose reading glasses?

How To Choose The Right Magnification Of Reading Glasses. Round that number up to the closest .25 increment. For example, a 57 year old person would subtract 35 and get 22. Place the decimal point to get 2.2 and then round up to 2.25. Step 2: Put on a pair of reading glasses with the magnification you calculated and hold some reading material at your normal reading distance, generally 12 to 17 inches.

What strength reading glasses do I Need?

Someone who would need strong vision correction will likely need reading glasses with a strength around +3.0, while someone who needs only minor vision correction would likely wear reading glasses with a label of +1.25. For most people new to needing readers, it's highly unlikely that they'll need a high powered lens.

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