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Frequently Asked Questions

Is streamlabs better than OBS for streaming?

Streamlabs vs OBS Studio – Best Twitch Streaming Software In a comparison of Streamlabs vs OBS Studio, the best streaming software for Twitch really depends on your level of experience and personal preference. Streamlabs is an improved version of OBS Studio with a much better user experience and a large array of inbuilt tools and resources.

Is OBS better than slobs?

SLOBS sure but as a whole OBS can do whatever SLOBS can, or even better. The only caveat I'd say with OBS is, is that SLOBS looks "nicer" than OBS. I thought that when I started.

Is OBS Studio better than OBS Classic?

Yes I would recommend switching to Studio, Studio has more features, an enhanced API and has multi-platform support if you need to use it on OSX or Linux. OBS Studio is obviously the future, over time it'll slowly take over and OBS classic will be phased out / deprecated.

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