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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some names of famous fairies?

Name Origin Medium Ailie, a tatterdemalion: The Elves of Cintra: Book Ainsel: Fairy Cube: Manga Airy, Anne: Bravely Default/Bravely Second: Video game Aisha/Layla (Crown Princess of Andros, Princess of Andros, Fairy of Waves, Fairy of the Waves, Fairy of Oceans and Tides, Fairy of Fluids, Guardian Fairy of the Kingdom of Andros): Winx Club, Fate: The Winx Saga ...

What are the Disney Fairies names?

While working, she meets a water fairy named Silvermist; a garden fairy named Rosetta; a light fairy named Iridessa and an animal fairy named Fawn. After meeting them, she notices a mean, fast-flying fairy named Vidia who immediately dislikes Tink because of her unusually strong talent.

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