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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my recent Amazon orders?

To search your Amazon order history, open Amazon on the web and click Orders in the top right corner. Just above your list of previous orders, you’ll see a search box. Enter your search terms in this box and click Search Orders. Your search results will appear in a list below the search box.

How do I place an order on Amazon?

How do I place an order with Amazon? To successfully place orders at Amazon with Sezzle, you must have a Sezzle account and an Amazon account. You will then need to purchase a Sezzle Premium subscription ( learn more here ). Once you are a Sezzle Premium member, open the Sezzle app and find Amazon in the store directory.

How can I track my Amazon order?

To track your orders, you can use the Amazon website or app, or use the Amazon tracking ID. With the Amazon tracking ID, you can get the latest updates on where your orders are located. This is where you can track your parcels and Amazon orders.

How do I cancel an Amazon order?

Amazon makes it easy to cancel an order. makes it easy to cancel an order within three simple steps First, go to “Your Orders” in your Amazon account and locate the order you wish to cancel. Next, select the checkbox next to the item. After selecting the items that you wish to cancel, click the “Cancel Checked Items” button.

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