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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ICICI Bank multiwallet card?

ICICI Multiwallet Card ICICI Bank Multi Wallet Card A one-stop payment solution for corporates APPLY NOW T&C Apply. Simpler andfastertransactions Up to six walletsin one card Hassle free payments

How to use ICICI Bank pockets?

Or you can also select 'ICICI Bank Internet Banking', login with your user ID and password and choose 'Pockets wallet' to make the payment What's more! You can also get a Pockets Card to swipe and splurge at your favourite stores, restaurants and even at petrol stations.

What is pockets Bank e-wallet?

With Pockets bank e-wallet, you can transfer money to bank accounts and mobile number. What’s more, you can also request money from friends! Yes, we do have goodies for your Pockets!

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