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How to solve equations quickly?

With 2 variable systems of equations, there are three methods to finding the solution to the system:Graphing - graphing both linear equations and finding the intersection point (if there is one solution)Substitution - solving one equation for one of the variables, then plugging that into the other equationElimination - forcing one set of coefficients to be opposites (i.e. 4 and -4) through multiplication so that they cancel, leaving one variable

How to solve momentum conservation problems?

How to solve conservation of momentum problems.Opens a modal Bouncing fruit collision example Opens a modal Momentum. The law of conservation of momentum can be viewed as a result of Newtons second law of motion F ma and Newtons third law of motion when an object applies a force to a second object the second object applies a force back to the first object that is equal in magnitude and ...

How to solve assignment problems?

After you’re done entering the values, go to the Data tab and under Analyze group select the Solver tool.Set the objective in the correct cell. ...Changing variables are the tasks to the respective customer whose values aren’t determined still.The Constraints are Assigned = Supply, Assigned = Demand, and the range of the changing variables are binary.More items...

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