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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install Java for Minecraft mods?

You’ll need to do the following in order:Purchase and install Minecraft: Java Edition.Install Java.Install the Forge mod installer.Install and play with your mods.

What are the best Minecraft mods?

The best Minecraft mods 2022These are the best Minecraft mods:OptifineInventory Tweaks RenewedControllingPig ManureLotsOMobsBetterPortalsProgressive AutomationComputerCraft and RFToolsSimply Jetpacks 2More items...

How can I make a mod in Minecraft?

[UPDATED] Create a Minecraft Mod. Step 1: Click on "Create New Element". Pretty straightforward, right? Step 2: Choose and Name Your Mod. Step 3: Your First Step Into a Larger World. Step 4: Navigating the Image Editor. Step 5: Done With the Texture.

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