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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of mirroring your iPhone to your TV?

If you’re tired of watching videos on your iPhone, you can easily mirror them to your Apple TV. Not only does this allow you to display your videos on your TV screen, it also lets you listen to music through your TV’s speakers, watch a slideshow of your photos on your TV, give a presentation, and more.

What do you need to mirror an iPhone to a TV?

To mirror your iPhone to your TV without Wi-Fi, you'll need an adapter, such as Apple’s Lightning connector. You can purchase a Lightning Digital AV Adapter directly from Apple for $49. You'll use this adapter to connect your iPhone to an HDMI cable.

What are the different ways to connect your iPhone to your TV?

You can mirror your iPhone to a TV using an adapter that connects your phone to your TV using an HDMI or VGA cable. You can mirror your screen wirelessly to a compatible smart TV using the Mirroring function in the Control Center.

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