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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a computer keyboard as a MIDI controller?

Put that keyboard into use by using it as a MIDI controller. It would still work even if the keyboard you have is really old. All you need is for your keyboard to have a MIDI OUT port to use it as a MIDI controller. Check out the video below.

Do I need a MIDI controller?

Why do I need a MIDI controller?. You a if you want to play instruments in your DAW, and really feel what you're playing. A mouse is ok for making music but if you want to do multiple things at once you need a controller. If you want to play drums in real time, a controller makes a world of difference - have fun clicking each drum hit with a mouse...

What is the best MIDI keyboard controller?

Depending on your budget and your musical needs, the best midi keyboard controller may include knobs, sliders and pads. This will give you more musical options, and allow you to create more expressive sounds.

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