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Frequently Asked Questions

Does University of Michigan have rolling admissions?

Ross Undergraduate Admissions has a rolling admissions process. We receive, review, and make decisions periodically after students have been admitted to the University of Michigan. If a student applies Early Action to the University of Michigan and is admitted in late January, their full application review will begin in February.

Does the University of Michigan offer state scholarships?

With Michigan State University Scholarships hundreds of students have been able to study in the school. This article gives detailed information about Michigan State University Scholarships and how you can get any one of your choices once you are eligible.

What are the admission requirements for the University of Michigan?

University of Michigan GPA: 3.9 (average) University of Michigan SAT scores: 1340-1530 (middle 50%) University of Michigan ACT scores: 31-34 (middle 50%) ACT or SAT essay requirement: Since 2018, University of Michigan Admissions has dropped this requirement. ( Sources: US News and World Report, University of Michigan official website) Below, I ...

What is the application fee for University of Michigan?

The application fee at the University of Michigan is on the more expensive side—$75. With such a high cost, this university equals most Ivy League universities. Here’s a brief overview of some of the popular schools and their application fees that you can waive with DoNotPay: Who Is Eligible for the University of Michigan Fee Waiver?

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