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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my Michigan State University email?

Open Apple Mail to access your MSU Email. If you are using Apple Mail already for MSU Email you should contact Computer Support for advice if you should remove your existing account or keep it for migrating old mail.

How to get an email signature for Michigan State University?

1. Click on the “New Email” button. 2. Click on the “Signature” button, then click on “Signatures . . .” at the bottom of the dropdown menu that appears. 3. Check the popup window to make sure the “E-mail Signature” tab is active. Then follow the prompts.

How do I contact Michigan State University?

Contact information Contact Us & Campus Information Hours:Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm (closed for lunch between noon and 1:30 PM); other times by appointment. Phone:(517) 432-6880 Fax: (517) 432-6990 Email: [email protected]

What is the official email client for Michigan State University?

Spartan Mail (Microsoft Outlook and Campus Exchange) is the official email client of MSU available for all MSU faculty, staff, undergraduate, and graduate students. It provides management of email and calendaring features in a common environment. Spartan Mail replaced the legacy email system previously accessed through

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