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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the author of the memoir of a general?

Document Santiago Alvarez’ “Memoir of a General” Author’s background What are the personal information about the author? - Due to his loyalty and courageousness as the commander of battle, Santiago Alvarez is otherwise known as the Kidlat ng Apoy. He was born in Imus, Cavite on July 25, 1872.

Is Agoncillo’s account of the Tejeros Convention credible?

It can be also noted that since the account is a primary source it is more credible than the secondary source which was Teodoro A. Agoncillo’s Seeds of Discontent: The Revolt of the Masses. Agoncillo’s account has given a full view of before, during, and after the Tejeros Convention.

When were the memoirs published in Sampaguita?

First published during the 1920s in Sampaguita, a Tagalog weekly, the memoirs are reproduced in this volume together with the English translation by Paula Carolina Malay.

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