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Frequently Asked Questions

What is member count bot in discord?

Well, Member Count Bot is a Discord bot that adds a customizable counter to your server. So essentially more counts than you can count! Sorry, that pun was really bad. Anyway, in the next section, let’s have a closer look at the Member Count bot setup.

What does the bot membercounter do?

The bot sets the current count of members at its nickname. MemberCounter is a Discord Bot that shows the current amount of members on a guild as its nickname on this guild. The best way to use it is to set MemberCounters role at top of all roles or at least over the Member role or whatever you have.

What is the member count documentation?

Welcome to the Member Count Documentation! Member Count is a Discord bot that adds customisable counters (server statistics) to your server. This documentation is aimed to include all information you might need regarding the bot.

What is a server stats bot?

A bot that counts members, users, bots, roles, channels, on-/offline members and YouTube statistics with voice channel names ― server stats.

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