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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a measure?

English Language Learners Definition of measure (Entry 1 of 2) : an amount or degree of something : something (such as a cup or a ruler) that is used to measure things

Why choose measuremeasuresquare?

MeasureSquare offers a complete suite of measure estimating software solutions across various trades including Flooring, Tiling and Granite/Stone for commercial and multi-family contractors, retailers, home builders and installers. The bottom line : accurate cost estimate, streamlined processes, higher conversion rates, more winning bids.

Why do we need to take measures?

We need to take measures to protect ourselves. Verb using a ruler to measure a piece of paper an instrument for measuring air pressure mental abilities measured by IQ testing He's being measured for a new suit. His success cannot be measured solely on the basis of his popularity. The cloth measures 3 meters.

What is the meaning of equal measures?

1 : an amount or degree of something She felt equal measures of hope and fear. The show mixes comedy and drama in equal measure. [=in equal amounts] See More Examples

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