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Frequently Asked Questions

What year is the 2014 Mazda5?

The 2014 Mazda5 is a part of a generation that started in 2012 and includes the 2015 model year. No major changes were made to the 2014 Mazda5, so you may want to consider shopping for a 2012 or 2013 model to save money. The 2015 model year got rid of the manual transmission. Which Used Mazda5 Is Right for Me?

Is the Mazda5 worth the price?

While not terribly powerful, the Mazda5’s frugal 4-cylinder engine gets the job done and helps keep the Mazda5’s base price around $21,000. Beyond its affordable price and livable dimensions, the Mazda5 is still a Mazda, which means it’s ultimately more fun to drive than any lumbering SUV or full-size van.

How many passengers can fit in a 2014 Mazda5?

The 2014 Mazda5 is unique among today’s automobiles, riding atop a car platform but using sliding side doors like a traditional minivan. About the size of a compact sedan, the Mazda5 can comfortably seat four passengers, six in a pinch.

What trim levels does the 2014 Mazda 5 have?

The 2014 Mazda 5 is a three-row, six-passenger compact minivan available in Sport, Touring and Grand Touring trim levels.

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