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Frequently Asked Questions

What is make up for ever HD Skin Foundation?

Launching today (Feb. 17), the Make Up For Ever HD Skin Foundation ($43) is designed to be the latest holy grail of undetectable coverage. The semi-matte formula is a new and improved version of the brand's original Ultra HD foundation, which became an icon in the industry due to its long-lasting, second skin-like finish.

How much does make up for ever’s new Invisible cover foundation cost?

After dominating the foundation market for years with their cult-favorite Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation ($43), Make Up For Ever is officially inviting a new key player into their best-selling coverage lineup.

Is make up for ever a good brand?

Since Make Up For Ever prides itself on being a brand created by makeup artists for their fellow industry pros (along with the general masses), the company takes a different approach than most when it comes to their new products. “We have a very unique product development process," Duyos explains.

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