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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some scary last names?

Spooky NamesArachnaBansheeBarnabasBeelzebubBetelgeuse. Scary spirit - don't say it 3 times!BlairBloody MaryBlackbeardBonesBooMore items...

What are some cool uncommon last names?

Abernathy – Sounds fun and mysterious, just like you!Abner – Short, sweet and to the pointAldaine – An unusual last name that will set you apartAmor – Because you’re loved by all you meetAmherst – This last name sound regalArmstrong – Louis, Neil, Stretch… you’re in good company with this surname.Angeles – For the wannabe starletMore items...

What are some cool nicknames for guys?

For example, here are some of the best nicknames for Guys that I have brainstormed:First MateGingerHollywoodLionWoo BearObstbaumGuys OgurekIsaiahAceIso CrusoMore items...

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