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Frequently Asked Questions

Is blank paper better than lined paper?

Yes blank paper is better then lined paper. Blank paper is better then lined paper as it offers a world of ideas and unlimited creatively, as lined paper only allows you to fallow what is set in front of you to a standard. By allowing you complete creative freedom, blank paper is an open book ready to be filled by the ideas and passions of those who are using it, while lined paper is a prison in which rules and regulations must be fallowed.

Why is lined paper called 'College ruled'?

“College ruled” paper is so named because it’s what older students generally use. As children grow up, they’re able to write smaller letters, numbers, and symbols. Hence, most of them will have graduated from wide ruled to medium ruled sheets by the time they enter high school.

Should you do math on lined or blank paper?

Yes, you should do math on lined or blank paper. Or on graph paper. Or on whiteboards or chalkboards. And in your head.

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