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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LCPC license?

LCPC stands for licensed clinical professional counselors. While both licenses will allow you to provide counseling and therapy services to a variety of populations, LCPC is a higher level of license for professionals who are interested in supervisory roles, research, development, or providing training to staff.

What is LCPC certification?

LPC Certification. With regards to LPC Certifications, Certified Counselors are mental health professionals who have usually not only passed rigorous exams, but have voluntarily gone beyond the average to achieve excellence in certification.

Can practicum hours count for LCPC?

If an LPC intern has excess practicum hours they are applying toward internship totals, only 200 of these may count toward direct totals. (Yes , even if you have a surplus of 400 direct hours somehow-only 200 can count toward direct totals.)

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