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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the last man standing a good show?

RELATED: Last Man Standing: 10 Movies & TV Shows You Recognize The Cast From. Last Man Standing was a hit. However, it hasn't always been a smooth ride. There are lots of odd things that have happened throughout the series' run that simply can't be explained away with a wink. Here are ten of the most glaring oddities that stick out about the show.

Is 'Last Man Standing' coming back to TV?

Last Man Standing is coming back to TV. On Friday it was announced the TV series - which was cancelled by ABC in May 2017 - is returning for a seventh season, but this time will land at Fox.

Did Last Man Standing get cancelled?

Last Man Standing was cancelled on behalf of Fox, central star Tim Allen, and the rest of the cast, who believed that the show had somewhat run out of steam. The decision was reached in October...

What happened to Boyd on 'Last Man Standing'?

Young Boyd started out practically as a series regular beginning with season two, but his character started to drop off massively between seasons four and six. Fans couldn't help but wonder what happened to Boyd on Last Man Standing. Eventually, he began to resurface before being recast by an entirely different young actor for the latter seasons.

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