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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to label your office and furniture?

How you Label Your Office & Furniture is very important when Planning Your Office Move. An effective labeling system will allow all of the content and furniture from your office to arrive organized at your new work space. Labeling your office and furniture will also reduce confusion for the office move team.

How do you properly label office equipment?

Placing labels on flat solid surfaces keeps them from falling off. Avoid placing labels on fabric or leather. Labels should be placed on the sides of all items, because most items are stacked during transportation and the top is not often visible. All IT equipment components should be labeled according to the office layout.

Where should I place labels on my Destination office?

When labeling your destination office it is important to place labels in a visible spot. Eye-level near the door frame tends to be the ideal spot. Avoid using any adhesive labels or tape that can damage the walls or paint.

How do you label a new office layout?

This layout should be clearly labeled by floors, departments, and/or cubicles. Assigning colors, numbers, and/or letters to each area tends to be the simplest method. Once the layout is labeled, offices at the destination office can be labeled using the same system.

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