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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of adhering to deadlines?

Example sentences with "to adhere to deadlines", translation memory. dealt with within a specified deadline of 30 days, with managers being required to adhere to deadlines for informal cases. part of the regional blueprint/plan and will need to adhere to deadlines associated with the preparation and submission of the regional plan.

How does the alternate timeline work?

Each time you turn right, you turn left in an alternate timeline, which then creates another parallel existence. You'll also be able to start trimming clips on the timeline rather than being forced to use the entire scene.

Does history adhere to the Gregorian calendar?

adherence to timelines adhere to schedules adhere to limits adhere to time lines similar ( 8 ) History rarely adheres to the Gregorian calendar, and the need to squish everything into theself-imposed 365-day timeline causes Mr. Kaplan at times to treat his argument like a gerrymandered district, stretching it beyond its natural shape.

How to ask for deadlines?

Human nature sometimes makes it hard for us to ask for things. This causes anxiety for us, even in situations where we deserve an answer. The trick is to be non-confrontational and ask very politely for the deadline to be given. Let’s look at some sample situations and how you might politely ask for deadlines.

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