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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3 digit Julian date?

The Julian date format is a 5-digit number that has broken into two parts: a two-digit representation of the year is followed by a three-digit representation of the day of the year. Here is an example: January 1st, 1999 is 99001 in Julian format.

Who continues to use the Julian calendar?

Yes, Russia uses Julian as does Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland (they just switched back to Julian in 2014), Ukrainian Orthodox Church-USA and Canada, Ukrainian Orthodox Church Autocephalous, Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kiev, and the Patriarch of Jerusalem all still use the Julian calendar.

What is Julian day number?

The Julian Day number is the number of days elapsed since noon (12:00) on January 1, 4713 BC. The Modified Julian Day number is the number of days since midnight (00:00) on November 17, 1858 AD (MJD=JD-2400000.5) The Gregorian calendar is used for dates on and after October 15, 1582 AD and the Julian calendar is used before October 4, 1582.

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