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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a season 10 of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver?

HBO has released a trailer for the upcoming, tenth season of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, the comedian's acclaimed talk show.

What is John Oliver's World Cup show?

Each show offers Oliver a unique platform to offer his distinct perspective on issues facing the world today while also featuring a variety of special guests and segments. John Oliver discusses the Qatar World Cup, the human-rights violations happening in the sporting event’s host country, and what perfection really means to David Beckham.

Is there a new episode of 'Last Week Tonight' on Sunday?

Well, that’s a good call, but the good news is yes, there is a new episode of “Last Week Tonight” this Sunday, October 9. Last week, Oliver opted for a longer-than-normal show, so he had plenty of time to discuss his main topic: museums. More specifically, the late night host called out how some antiquities come to museums illegally.

Why is John Oliver's 'Gladiator' going viral?

It seemed like every few weeks, his show would go viral, and the social satire provides an evergreen target to poke fun at, rather than Oliver's previous big hits, which were mostly one-off things like buying up Russell Crowe's jock strap from Gladiator and donating it to a Blockbuster Video.

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