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Frequently Asked Questions

Why major in sport and Recreation Management at JMU?

As a JMU sport and recreation management major, you will develop leadership skills through sound theoretical course work, innovative learning activities and mentoring opportunities. All of your major requirements are met through small classes, team learning experiences and meaningful personal contacts with faculty and industry professionals.

What is a major in sports and Recreation Management?

The major is a part of the Department of Sports and Recreation Management, an academic unit within the Hart School of Hospitality, Sport and Recreation Management.

Can I declare Hospitality Management as a major at JMU?

Students both the Hospitality Management and Sport and Recreation Management MUST attend an orientation session before their request is approved; scheduling details are provided when they submit their request. Please note that any student admitted to JMU can declare one of the eight majors offered in the College of Business.

What is the sport and recreation program?

The mission of the sport and recreation program is to develop a community of learners through quality education that integrates theory, practice, and personal growth in the hospitality, sport and recreation industries.

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