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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jill Biden's nationality?

Biden was born Jill Tracy Jacobs on June 3, 1951, in Hammonton, New Jersey. She spent the majority of her childhood, however, in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, with her parents and four younger sisters. Though she set out to study fashion merchandising at a junior college in Pennsylvania, Biden soon found her studies unsatisfying and left school.

What is Jill Biden's salary at Nova?

Jill Biden continued to teach full-time at NOVA after her husband left office, with a salary of close to $100,000. She was selected to give the keynote address at a commencement for Milwaukee Area Technical College in May 2017.

What is Dr Biden's Breast Health Initiative?

Dr. Biden’s advocacy for more cancer education and prevention began in 1993, when four of her friends were diagnosed with breast cancer. Following that year, she launched the Biden Breast Health Initiative to educate Delaware high school girls about the importance of early detection.

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