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Frequently Asked Questions

How to troubleshoot DNS registeration problems?

One thing you could try is enabling the DNS Client Event Operational Log to see if it give you any more detail as to why the registeration is failing.

How to enable and start the DNS Client Service?

3 Steps total 1 Enable and start the DNS client service Open the Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services, scroll down to DNS Client service and double-click it. ... 2 Register the computer in DNS Open a command prompt as administrator. Type IPCONFIG /REGISTERDNS and hit Enter. ... 3 Alternately, run the script as added by K.C. below

How to manually Register DNS server on Windows 7?

Goto DNS console and enter the manual entry for client PC (Windows 7) Do this try once and follow the below command sequence in CMD prompt. 4. ipconfig/registerdns. Note: Run above command using domain admin credentials for better results.

How to enable ipconfig in Windows 7 command prompt?

yep the account your running with doesnt have sufficient authority on that computer You should beable to enable this from a group policy level or if your using windows DNS/DHCP you can enable it there. Chaemle0n is correct. In order to run ipconfig commands in command prompt on Windows 7 you will need to run command prompt as an administrator.

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