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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ipconfig in Linux?

Follow on Twitter for the latest tips and tricks about Linux! As a Windows user, or former Windows user, you usually execute the ipconfig command to see IP addresses and related network information for all the interfaces on your system. In Linux, the equivalent command is ip.

What is the equivalent of ifconfig in Linux?

In Linux, the equivalent command is ip. You may also see the ifconfig command mentioned in some guides online, but that command has been deprecated and superseded by ip. All modern and up to date systems will use the ip command. Check out some of the examples below to get acclimated with the ip command.

How to display IP configurations in Linux and Windows?

Let’s discuss four ways you can display IP configurations in both Linux and Windows. The common tool for displaying IP address information in Linux has been ifconfig. While many distributions still ship with ifconfig, it is gradually being replaced with the ip command. During this transition, it’s critical to know how to work with both.

How to show default gateway IP address in Linux?

To display default gateway IP address, which is usually shown with ipconfig /all on Windows, run the ip r command on Linux. Show only the IPv4 or IPv6 addresses with the -4 or -6 switch, respectively. If you want to show network information for a specific interface, just specify the name of that interface in your command.

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