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Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the names in The Lion King actually mean?

What All The Character Names In 'The Lion King' Actually Mean Simba Means "Lion" Nala Means "Gift" Mufasa Means "King" Timon Means "Respect" Pumbaa Means "Slow-Witted" Rafiki Means "Friend" Zazu Means "Movement" Sarabi Means "Mirage" Sarafina Means "Bright Star" Shenzi Means "Savage" More items...

What are the HYI na name is Lion King?

The Lion King is a movie about a lion dynasty that occupies the Pridelands and perpetrates an apartheid regime. The hyenas are the victims, confined to the elephant graveyard. In the original (bottom), their names are Shenzi, Banzai and Ed.

Whose voices are the Hyena on Lion King?

The trio of the vicious hyenas are played by three notable actors: comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Eric André and actress Florence Kasumba.

What type of animal is Rafiki in The Lion King?

Rafiki is a baboon in The Lion King who serves as a sort of shaman to the royals of pride rock. He performs shamanistic ceremonies for and on the Lions. Rafiki is a very wise monkey, dropping in throughout the movie to help the characters with their problems but also has a playful, silly side to him.

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