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Frequently Asked Questions

Is HTML and HTML5 the same?

Yes html and html5 is the same.HTML5 is the advanced version of HTML, containing much better support features for media like video and audio tags. yes. html and html5 is same. But html5 has some new features what wasn't included in html.

What is HTML animation?

In the HyperText Markup Language ( HTML ), an HTML animation is any item that appears to be moving or changing on a web page, usually without any user input. This can be anything from a bouncing ball to a bank of letters that flash on and off like a neon sign. The actual HTML standard and cascading style sheets...

What is UI animation?

UI Animation: Please Use Responsibly. Designers can take advantage of animation to solve design problems such as showing continuity and relationships between objects via entry and exit animations. From reducing the cognitive load to improving decision making, meaningful animations can delight and inform users.

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