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Frequently Asked Questions

What is orderclose() function in MQL4?

OrderClose () is a function in the MQL4 language used to close orders, in this guide you can see how it works. In other guides, we saw how to open new market orders and how to scan the account for open orders. To close the cycle, we also need to learn how to close orders with the function OrderClose ().

How to close two market orders in mq4?

After Execution of the Script closeorder.mq4, Two Market Orders Are Displayed in the "Terminal" Window. Later, the other two orders are closed using this script, too. Trade requests for deleting of pending orders are formed using the function OrderDelete (). bool OrderDelete(int ticket, color arrow_color=CLR_NONE)

What is Arrow_Color in MQL4?

arrow_color is the color of the arrow to draw on the chart at the time/price of the closed order. We can now apply what we learned in other articles about MQL4 coding to close orders. Usually orders are closed manually or during the process of order management of an EA. In our example we will scan for orders and close all of them.

How to close a market order?

Trade requests for closing of market orders are formed using the function OrderClose (). It is a function used to close a market order. The function returns TRUE, if the trade is performed successfully. It returns FALSE, if the trade fails. ticket - the unique number of the order. lots - the amount of lots to be closed.

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