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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 8GB good enough in a computer?

8GB is enough. 8GB of RAM is a good choice for those who stick to basic productivity or those who won't play modern games. You can do plenty of productivity work without swapping out to the page file.

Is 8GB of RAM still enough for gaming?

The recommendation for gaming equipment is 16 GB, but not all equipment incorporates this capacity. So you might be wondering if 8GB of RAM is enough for gaming. In general, 8 GB is enough to run most video games, even most of the current generation titles.

How big of a difference is 8GB to 16GB of RAM?

With 16GB of RAM the system is still able to produce 9290 MIPS where the 8GB configuration is over 3x slower. Looking at the kilobytes per second data we see that the 8GB configuration is 11x slower than the 16GB configuration. While having 16GB of memory is a real advantage here, we had to create an extreme and unlikely scenario.

Is 8GB RAM enough for Windows 11?

Yes, it enough because min. ram for Windows 11 is 4GB. It depends on your usage, unless you are a gamer or programmer which deals on many resources, 8 gb is more than sufficient for basic computing like MS Office, web browsing and also for coding purpose. 8GB RAM is enough for windows 11.

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