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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to edgenuity?

Once you type the web address into the address bar of your browser window and press the Enter key on your keyboard or the Search button in your browser window, you will be taken to the Edgenuity login page. Your student will need a username and password to enter the site. This information should be provided by your student’s school.

How do I get access to my child's edgenuity account?

An educator or administrator should provide you, as the parent/guardian, with the activation code and the email that he/she put into the account. You will receive an email notification stating you have been given access to your child's account. Click the link in the email to begin the registration process. What can parents see on Edgenuity?

Where can I find the attendance log?

Once you start the lesson, in the upper-right corner you should see "English." Click the arrow next to it and select the language of your choice. If you don't see it listed, select "more" to see additional options. Where can I find the Attendance Log? Under your name in the upper-right corner, click Profile. Then select Attendance Report

How do I access the fitness log?

Navigate to the Course Map for your Fitness course. Click the “heart” icon on the left-hand sidebar to access the Fitness Log. Where can I find the due dates for my assignments? You can find this on the Course Map, by selecting a course from the homepage, or downloading the Course Report. Both are great ways to keep track of your due dates.

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