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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Heroku API key expire?

The Heroku Dashboard offers an API key on your Account settings if your user account is not SSO enabled. While this key does not have a hard-coded expiration date, it will expire whenever your account password changes.

How to use vision API in Heroku?

Install the Google Client Vision API client library. Write Python code to query the Vision API. Push the code to Heroku. Step 1. Establish a Vision API project. Sign-in to Google Cloud Platform Consoleand create a new project. 2. Name the project and click the CREATE button. 3. Click Active Cloud Shell. 4.

How do I authenticate to Heroku?

Authentication to Heroku uses one of the following mechanisms, depending on the situation: The email address and password are used by the heroku command to obtain an API token. This token is used for authentication in all other Heroku API requests, and can be regenerated at will by the user in the web interface.

How do I find the current environment in Heroku?

You could add a heroku config variable to each environment, allowing you to identify each one from within the app. Then you could grab the current environment from within your app using: And if you've got your YAML file as a hash called something like GOOGLE_KEYS, the following would return the correct key for a given environment:

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