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Frequently Asked Questions

How many health insurance carriers are in Texas?

Texas uses the federally run exchange at to enroll Texans in marketplace plans. Fifteen health insurance carriers offer 2023 coverage through the Texas marketplace/exchange.

How much does health insurance cost in Texas?

The average cost of health insurance in Texas is $509 per month (per person). These costs can really add up when you pay out of pocket for both you and your family. This amount was estimated for a 40-year-old man, so that the cost may vary depending on age, location, or medical history.

How do I get health insurance in Texas?

You can get health insurance in Texas through your employer, by purchasing an individual or family plan on the marketplace, or by using the Small Business Health Insurance Options Program if you need small business health insurance.

What are the requirements for health insurance in Texas?

In Texas, an individual must maintain health coverage for 18 consecutive months without any break in coverage longer than 63 days to avoid pre-existing condition limitations. Previous creditable coverage includes: Part A or Part B of title XVIII of the Social Security Act (Medicare)

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