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Frequently Asked Questions

What can we do to celebrate Veterans Day?

On Veterans Day honors people who have served in the armed forces during war or peace. On Veterans Day, several people and businesses offer special deals and offers. Restaurants at different levels provide huge discounts or Veterans Day deals for veterans-turned-foodies such as free dinners, special breakfast, etc.

Is it appropriate to say "Happy Veterans Day"?

Avoid saying "Happy Veterans Day," – there are better words to use, John Raughter, deputy director of media relations for American Legion, told USA TODAY last year. (You should also never say "Happy Memorial Day.") Saying "thank you for your service" is a better option.

How can we honor our veterans on Veterans Day?

Another great way to honor a veteran is to visit a VA hospital. Many VA hospitals host special events on Veterans Day, and volunteering at one of these events can help a veteran even if you don’t personally interact with a vet. A fifth way to honor a vet is to simply talk to a veteran, listen and thank them for their service.

What are some ways to show appreciation for veterans?

Many veterans take tremendous pride in the country they fight for. A great way to show appreciation for them and their sacrifice is to fly the US flag at your organization. You could do this with a flag pole out front of your location, or display one inside the building.

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