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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of learning theory?

What is Learning Theory? In short, learning theories are abstract frameworks that describe how knowledge is received and processed during the learning experience. Learning theory informs the application of instructional design through models.

What is the history of learning theory?

LEARNING THEORY: A HISTORY. Even before psychology became an experimental science in the 1890s, learning was an important part of it. But there came a time in the 1910s when psychologists started to become fascinated by learning concepts and learning theories.

What is problem based learning theory?

Problem-based learning is a teaching method in which students’ learn through the complex and open ended problems. These problems are real world problems and are used to encourage students’ learning through principles and concept. PBL is both a teaching method and approach to the curriculum.

What is spiral learning theory?

What is spiral learning theory? Spiral learning is a teaching method based on the premise that a student learns more about a subject each time the topic is reviewed or encountered. The idea is that each time a student encounters the topic, the student expands their knowledge or improves their skill level.

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