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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us the best at predicting green card approval?

We invented using data rather than gut feel to predict Green Card approval. Our sofisticated algorithms, data, years of experience, and a dynamic predictions model make us the best. Very friendly easy interface to understand.

What is the green card approval tool?

The tool can also be used by consular processing applicants to get an estimate of when their green card applications might be processed. The tool estimates your green card approval date based on current green card processing trends, allocations, backlog, and assumed spillover for your category.

How do I estimate my green card date?

Estimate My Green Card Date 1 Visit the My Green Card Estimate App here. 2 Enter your country of birth and employment-based GC category. You can leave the options as default. 3 Click the ‘ Estimate My GC Date ‘ button and see the visa bulletin that may get you the Green card.

What is the green card tracker?

The green card tracker is designed to calculate your place in line for a green card. If you have a pending I-485, use this calculator to figure out the total number of applications ahead of you. This means all cases that are from your country and in the same employment-based category, but have an priority date earlier than yours.

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