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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Hangouts on air for webinars?

With Google’s Hangouts On Air, you can take advantage of webinar list-building perks without the associated costs. Here is a screenshot from a webinar from earlier this year that I ran using Google Hangouts On Air: Get our best tips.

How do I create a hangout on air?

The first step is to create a Hangout on Air through your Google+ page. To do this, hover your cursor over the sidebar, and as it expands select Hangouts. You can start a hangout using either your Google+ profile or page. Inside the Hangouts home page, you’ll see three tabs: Home, Hangouts on Air, and Video Hangouts.

How often can you do Google Hangouts on air?

The great thing about Google Hangouts On Air is that you can do them as often as you choose! No need to worry about the recording, either. It gets streamed to YouTube and you can share the recording with your attendees after. Is there a catch? Google Hangouts on Air is not webinar software, so there are a few steps that you have to do manually.

How many people can view my hangout on air?

You don’t have a limit on how many people can view your Hangout On Air, unlike webinar plans which generally have limits and require more money for more viewers. Share your screen or share your smiling face.

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