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Frequently Asked Questions

What are good boy cat names?

Unique Boy Cat Names Inspired by LiteratureAmoryBenvolioCasparFinchGatsby (or Catsby!)HastingsHazelHeathcliffHunterHurlerMore items...

What are good names for an orange cat? Best Male Orange Cat Names Orange Garfield Firefox Dorito Jewels Marmalade Harley Davidson Clay Smokey Apricat Cairo Baggy Roni Falcon Tiger Hamlet Earl Brick Cat Cheeto Jazz Citrus Beans Lance Aslan Charlie Tintin Caspy Simba Milano Knuckles Oxford Albaster Cheetah Alabaster Avenger Dundee Rufus Jarred Blazer Nacho Hairball Rhino Pancho

What are some unusual names for cats?

Amber- Amber is a color between orange and gold.Butterscotch- Sweet name for a Bengal with warm gold fur.Ginger- Great name if his/her fur is of reddish marking.Marble- A fantastic name if your cat is light gray or white, exactly like precious marble.Onyx- Absolutely cool sounding name for black Bengal cats;More items...

What is a boy cat called?

A male cat is often referred to as a tom. The name ‘Tom’ is used in cat breeding. A ‘Queen’ is a female cat. A juvenile kitty is called a kitten, and an unaltered male is called a ‘Tom’. The names are different for each gender, and some cats may have already been neutered. When looking for a new cat, it is best to look online and ask people who have kittens and cats.

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