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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Demon Slayer Season 2 come out?

However, it also means that fans looking for an all-new season will have to wait a little longer. We expect the Demon Slayer movie to come out sometime in the last quarter of 2020, with Demon Slayer Season 2 coming out in 2022. We’ll keep an eye out for updates from Studio Ufotable.

Why does Tanjiro want to become a demon slayer?

Though devastated by this grim reality, Tanjiro resolves to become a “demon slayer” so that he can turn his sister back into a human, and kill the demon that massacred his family. The first 5 episodes of TV series Kimetsu no Yaiba were released as a film.

How old is zenitsu in Demon Slayer?

With the help of a strange group claiming to be the “Demon Slayer Corps”, Tanjirou sets out to avenge the death of all his loved ones by killing each demon one by one. Zenitsu is a petite 16-year-old boy who is a member of the Demon Slaying Club. He often accompanies Tanjirou during his travels. She has blonde hair and golden eyes.

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