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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Firefox and Mozilla the same thing?

Mozilla and Firefox are often thought of as one and the same. People often use the terms interchangeably, but there are a few differences between the two though they are very closely related. The name Mozilla can be identifiable with a lot of things. It can refer to Mozilla Organization, Mozilla Foundation, Mozilla Corporation, Mozilla Messaging, Inc. and all the various extensions and related items.

Do you have problems with Mozilla Firefox?

Some Firefox issues can be caused by a problem with one of the Firefox program files. Follow these steps to completely remove and reinstall Firefox. This process will not remove your Firefox profile data (such as bookmarks and passwords), since that information is stored in a different location.

Is Mozilla Firefox and YouTube owned by Google?

Firefox is made by Mozilla Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the not-for-profit Mozilla Foundation, and is guided by the principles of the Mozilla Manifesto. Learn more about the maker of Firefox here. Related questions: who is Firefox owned by, who owns Firefox Browser, is Firefox owned by Google, is Mozilla Firefox owned by Google

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