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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to First Bank Online Banking?

As long as you have computer access, your account is just a click away. Click the Login button in the upper right corner of any page on our website, and begin banking just as if you were in our lobby. Transfer funds between your accounts, internal and external First Bank uses the most advanced security available for online banking today.

What are the benefits of using First Bank's online banking?

It's convenient, safe and helps out the environment. Online Banking gives you access to your FirstBank accounts and loans online, making it fast and easy to do your banking when it's convenient for you. Check account balances and transactions. View images of paper transactions, such as checks and deposit slips.

What do I need to do if I am a First-Time User of First Bank Online Banking?

Some things to remember as you initialize your Online Banking account: You are a First-Time User until you initialize your Online Banking account. Follow all First-Time User prompts and buttons. All First-Time Users must click on "First-Time User" button at the top of the Log In screen before entering Access ID and Password.

How secure is First Bank's online banking?

First Bank uses the most advanced security available for online banking today. All sensitive information is encrypted and online access requires a Personal Identification number and password known only to you. Designed and tested with and by industry experts, our state-of-the-art technologies will protect your information.

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